Global Korean Government Scholarship 2019


Global Korean Government Scholarship 2019 announced government scholarships for graduates students in different field of study by the Republic of Korea in 2019.

Fields of Study Available:

For progressively point by point data on majors (fields of study) offered by the colleges, allude to the File by CLICKING HERE.

Candidates must pick their majors (fields of study) that are just recorded in the Above File.


Duration of Global Korean Government Scholarship:

  • Doctoral Degree Program: 4 years (2019. 9. 1. to 2023. 8. 31.)
  • 1 year of Korean language program
  • 3 years of an ordinary degree program
  • Graduate degree Program: 3 years (2019. 9. 1. to 2022. 8. 31.)
  • 1 year of Korean language program
  • 2 years of the degree program
  • Research Program: 6 Months (2019. 9. 1. to 2020. 2. 29.)

Qualification Criteria:

  • Both a candidate and his/her folks must be residents of their country of origin.
  • Candidates ought not hold Korean citizenship.
  • Candidates ought to have satisfactory wellbeing, both rationally and physically, to remain in a remote nation for quite a while.
  • Ought to be under 25 years old at the date of arrival. (Undergrad)
  • Ought to be under 40 years old at the date of arrival. (Graduate)
  • Have completed or be booked to complete formal training of all basic, center, secondary school courses by the date of landing. (Undergrad)
  • Have an evaluation point normal (G.P.A.) above 80% from the last instructive organization visited.
  • Hold a Bachelor’s qualification or a Master’s certificate by the date of entry. (Graduate)
  • Candidates who have recently accomplished in any undergrad program, ace’s program, or doctoral program in Korea can’t have any significant bearing for this program.
  • In any case, a previous or current KGSP researcher who holds the general evaluation of 90% or above can reapply to this program once either through the international safe haven or college track.

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